Will this new legislation affect your organization?

Jeff Roman

Over the last week, internet giant Google has sent out mass emails to businesses and organizations that use its array of tools and products. (You may have received one of these in your own inbox.)

The main message?

Congress is trying to get involved in policies that will affect the technology we use and rely on every day. Currently, some regulations are on the table that would disrupt the effectiveness of tools like Google Search, Google Ads and more.

Google’s Solution

The tech giant seems to feel the best way to fight back is through the power of numbers. As a result, they’re inviting Google users, business owners and organizational leaders to join a contact list to stay informed and get updates on opportunities to stand up to Congress.

In recent days, Amazon has taken a similar approach to this legislation by reaching out to many of its sellers.

But what are these proposed regulations, and will they create lasting impacts to your mission?

While that is yet to be seen, here are a few notable highlights you should know about:

  • The goal of this bill? To decrease the outsized market power of the world’s biggest tech firms, including Facebook, Apple and Google.
  • This legislation would prevent Big Tech platforms from favoring their own products and services over others.
  • One bill increasing resources for antitrust enforcers has already passed the Senate.
  • These bills could change the effectiveness of platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search by making it harder for customers to find and interact with the causes they love and the businesses they support.

The truth is, while most of us are all for the retention of our privacy online, the tools that we use every day to market and spread our message rely on some usage of personal data and information. It’s important we work together to find the right balance.

Will these technologies continue to advance or will we need to find new ways to reach our audiences?

Only time will tell.

We will continue to keep you updated on the topic, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions related to how this proposed legislation may or may not affect your business or organization.