Skyrocket your copy and ‘SELL’

Jeff Roman

By now, you probably know copy plays a huge part in the growth and success of your business or organization.

But writing copy that SELLS or moves followers to DONATE and SUPPORT your cause is a whole different ball game. 

It seems like everything in the world right now is an advertisement. Your followers/subscribers are being bombarded with messages from hundreds of sources every day.

So how do you stand out?

By using a few psychological triggers in your copy, you’ll boost conversions and make sure your message is heard.

Start using these 8 marketing principles in your copy to win every time:

1. Social Proof – It’s not enough anymore to TELL people why they should want what you offer. They need REAL evidence of its value from other people. Ninety-two percent of consumers read online reviews before buying. Social proof is more important than ever and DEMONSTRATION is key. Show real people using what you offer. Make it easy for them to submit user-generated content when they love what you do.

2. Authority – You can get people interested in your offer by presenting yourself as an expert or authority. Degrees and awards lend automatic authority. You can also get featured on podcasts, create high-quality content and ask for recommendations from respected people in your industry. Big brands often pay for celebrity authority because those connections convert. Influencer authority is also becoming more and more powerful. Followers = authority so look for relevant influencers who could compliment what you do.

3. Scarcity – This principle has been around for a long time because it works. Throughout your copy, there are a few different types of scarcity you can put in place:

  • Scarcity of price (Sales and limited-time discounts)
  • Scarcity of quantity (Only so many left!)
  • Premium scarcity (This bonus will go away soon!)
  • Limited offers (The cart is only open for a limited time.)
  • Urgent Needs (Causes that need immediate attention and support)

4. Give a reason why – Consumers and especially donors need to understand your rationale to believe it. Give them a big reason WHY there is scarcity or such an urgent need. (A holiday sale? Product running out? Disaster?) To make our brains believe it, we need to be able to justify it. So WHY are you selling your product? Why are you giving a discount? Why are you asking for money? If you’re using scarcity, know why.

5. Active voice – Use your active voice when writing. Try to always talk as if you’re doing the action!

For example, say: “You listened to the podcast.” versus “The podcast is being listened to.” Use YOU as much as possible. People want to hear about themselves! This helps you speak and write simply in sentences that people can digest easily.

6. Personalization  Address your prospect directly whenever you can. Remember their birthdays and previous purchases. Focus on segmenting your emails. Personalization in email subject lines provides 50% higher open rates. Meanwhile, email open rates are 14.31% higher with segmented campaigns. It pays to personalize your message whenever possible, <<First Name>>.

7. Coherence Markers  The average reading level is around 8th grade. When you keep your writing SIMPLE, you reach more people. A great way to do this is using bridge words to connect two ideas.

Use phrases like, “But here’s the thing…,” “And here’s why” or “For example.” Keep your audience engaged with a more conversational tone and stay away from “business speak.”

8. Have a common enemy – Rally your audience around a common cause, viewpoint or belief. This will help people feel like they belong and builds loyalty and connection. Your common enemy doesn’t have to be a person! Make it whatever your audience strives for or believes in.

Which of these psychological triggers are YOU going to put in place this week?