How will you start this new month?

Well, here we go again! It’s a brand new work week and BONUS…it’s a brand new month! I love it when we get to hit a reset button like that. Today I was reminded of a story that I first read more than 35 years ago. It was so impactful to me at the time that I tore this story out of my mom’s devotional book (sorry mom) and have managed to carry it with me all these years. When it became tattered, I laminated it. The story goes like this:

A man entered the studio of a famous British artist with samples of his drawings and asked this master for his candid opinion of their quality. In a kind way, the artist let his visitor know that these drawings had little value and the artist had no real talent.

The visitor then proceeded to take a different set of sketches from under his coat and explained that they were the work of a young student. The master artist quickly recognized that these drawings displayed remarkable talent. He was certain that whoever this young artist was would quickly distinguish himself among the best.

With sadness in his eyes the visitor said, “Sir, I was that student. When my teachers demanded my best, I gave up. Now through the years, I have slipped backward. You are right in what you say. My latest drawings have little or no value.”

Today as we start the week and this second month of the year, it’s time for a personal assessment:

Are you pursuing your calling as a leader with the same passion as when you started?

Life is demanding and you may have given up or slipped backward in some crucial areas. Is it time to hit a reset button today and make a recommitment in key areas of your life?

What is ONE THING that you can do today to recommit to your goals, dreams and vision?

Life happens and whew…2020 was a year like none other. If you’re reading this email, you’re alive with air in your lungs and called for a purposeful life. Go after it today and make it happen. Remember:

When nothing is gained, something is lost.

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