Check out this dramatic faith-based industry growth

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for so many of us. With the pandemic, uncertainty and shutdowns around the world, many industries struggled, wondering what it means to exist in a post-pandemic world.

But there is also some good news. 

Last year, memberships and usage of religious and faith-based apps surged dramatically. This was due to the pandemic forcing church congregations to go online.

In fact, between March to August 2020, Christian meditation apps alone received 2.3 million downloads. This is a 325% increase from the same period the previous year.

On TikTok, videos including religious hashtags saw tremendous growth in the last 6 months including a 117% increase for #Christian going from 6.4B to 13.9B.

The evidence is clear—as we wrestle with uncertainty in the world around us, there’s no better time to offer faith-based content and inspiration in the digital space. 

As the landscape of our world continues to change, the demand for religious tech continues to rise as believers find ways to practice their faith remotely.

Where the numbers go, venture capital is sure to follow. They’re taking notice like never before and it’s clearly time for faith-based organizations to swing for the fences and innovate with excellence.

Venture funding for faith-based apps was already rising before the pandemic, and we expect to see continued growth.

Consumers will continue using social media and other modern mediums to express and explore their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Our world has never been more in need of inspirational resources and ways to connect and grow stronger in our faith. By keeping these needs top of mind in your marketing efforts, we’re sure to win in 2021.

Here are two quick tips to get started:  

Focus on community. Use the “CrossFit approach” to focus on stories, transformation and building loyalty to your specific communities and experiences.

Build your marketing tactics. Now more than ever, faith-based organizations need strategic marketing tactics to grow their communities and expand their reach. So what can YOU provide that other people need?

What are the messages and stories you can tell in YOUR online space to directly inspire and affect others’ lives for the better? 

Right now, together, we can build community and reach countless people who need your message, your stories and your creation.

Is today the day we begin?

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